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Every Friday from 3pm - 5pm, except:
NEW: First Fridays 4pm - 6pm
Stand in peaceful protest in front of the big banks
BofA & Chase, Main Street Fort Bragg,
and Wells Fargo at Safeway

General Assembly Meetings

First & Third Saturdays 2pm - 4pm
Attend the Occupy Mendocino General Assembly Meeting
Call 937-0334 for location and information
Choose a topic you are passionate about and get into action!

What you can do in your daily life

  • Shop local merchants & farmer's markets.
  • Barter goods & services with your friends, neighbors & colleagues.
  • Stay informed!

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July 4th parade, 2012 Mendocino Labor Day parade, September 2012, Fort Bragg

Occupy Mendocino Street Fair, May 2012
Great turnout and great weather!

Norman Solomon speaks at the Occupy Mendocino Street Fair


...and perforrmers....

See more rally photos here

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